AnyLabels is a label printing application that can print labels containing text, lines and pictures, and, in the professional version, barcodes of most common barcode types. Text and barcode elements and pictures filenames may use data from a wide variety of sources, including CSV (comma separated variables) files, Excel files, Access databases, and most ODBC database servers such as Oracle and SQL.

AnyLabels can also create its own databases, importing data from ODBC source or by manual record keeping. AnyLabels databases may be edited at will; ODBC database are read-only.
Text and barcode elements may be rotated through any angle and colour and font properties may be user-selected.

The design of a label (the positions, colours, etc. of the elements on the label) and the information required to connect to any data source may be saved into a Template file that can subsequently be opened for use.

Labels may be printed on any Windows-supported graphics printer by specifying in the Print dialog box the number of records and number of copies of each record to be printed.
The pages below guide you through the processes of designing a labels and connecting to data sources.

Online Manual of AnyLabels